Logo University of TurkuThe Centre for Research on Lifelong Learning and Education (CELE) is a unit of the Department of Education in the University of Turku. It carries out multi-disciplinary research on learning and education across the life course at national and international comparative levels. The centre includes in average 20 interdisciplinary research projects and 30 researchers. The research centre also leads and coordinates The Finnish Graduate School in Education and Learning (FiGSEL). In addition the centre is involved in the Master‟s Degree Programme of Educational Sociology and Policy (KSP) as well as in the Finnish Youth Research Network (YuNet).

UTU’s contribution to GOETE

University of Turku will collaborate with the University of Helsinki in the Finnish field work. It will collect data for the comparison of teacher training (WP 3) and the surveys (WP 4 and 5). It will be the work package leader for the institutional survey (WP 5) and contribute to the overall analysis and dissemination (WP 8 and 9).

Previous experience relevant to the tasks

Recent research include the influence of supranational Regimes on universities and of OECD policies on national education systems. Involvement in EU-funded research on quality assessment and evaluation (QAE) in school (European Scientific Foundation) and entrepreneurial trends in higher education management (FP 6).

Team involved:

Picture of Risto Rinne

Risto Rinne

Professor of Education at the University of Turku and Tampere, Head of the Centre for Research on Lifelong Learning and Education (CELE). Main research areas are sociology of education, history of education, educational policy and comparative education.

Picture of Tero Järvinen

Tero Järvinen

Ph.D., research fellow. Themes: educational choices, school-to-work transitions as well as educational and social exclusion of young people, early school leaving.


University of Turku, Centre for Research on Lifelong Learning and Education