Andreas Walther

Coordinator of the GOETE project

Andreas Walther is Professor of Social Pedagogy and Youth Welfare at the Institute of Social Pedagogy and Adult Education at the University of Frankfurt where he is also the director of the Research Centre “Education and Coping in the Life Course“.

He teaches and carries out research in the areas of youth research, transitions in the life course, child and youth welfare while a special interest are international comparative analysis in social pedagogy and youth transitions. He has been involved in the coordination of the European research network EGRIS (European Group for Integrated Social Research) as well as a series of EU-funded research projects such as Youth Policy and Participation (Yoyo), the Thematic Study on Policy Measures concerning Disadvantaged Youth and Youth – actor of Social Change (UP2YOUTH).

Some recent publications are:

  • Loncle, Patricia; Cuconato, Morena; Muniglia, Virginie & Walther, Andreas (eds.) (2012): Youth Participation in Europe. Beyond Discourses, Practices and Realities. Bristol: Policy Press.
  • Pohl, Axel & Walther, Andreas (2007): Activating the disadvantaged. Variations in addressing youth transitions across Europe, in: International Journal for Lifelong Education, Vol. 26(5), pp. 533-553.
  • Stauber, Barbara & Walther, Andreas (2006): De-standardised pathways to adulthood in Europe: informal learning in informal networks, in: Papers, Revista de Sociología No. 79, pp. 241-262.
  • Walther, Andreas (2006): Regimes of Youth Transitions. Choice, flexibility and security in young people’s experiences across different European contexts, in: YOUNG, Vol. 14(2), pp. 119-141.
  • Walther, Andreas (2009): „It was not my choice, you know?“ Young people’s subjective views and decision making processes in biographical transitions, in: Schoon, Ingrid & Silbereisen, Rainer K. (eds.): Transitions from School to Work: Globalisation, Individualisation, and Patterns of Diversity. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 121-145.
  • Walther, Andreas; du Bois-Reymond, Manuela; Biggart, Andy (eds.) (2006): Participation in transition. Motivation of young people for working and learning across Europe, Frankfurt/Main et al.: Peter Lang.

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