UNIURB’s contribution to GOETE

UNIURB cooperates with the University of Bologna in the Italian field work. It will carry out the institutional survey (WP 5) and the high-level governance analysis (WP 7) in which it is also a responsible core partner. It will further share the work with Bologna on the local case studies (WP 6) and be involved in analysis (WP 8) and dissemination (WP 9). Yuri Kazepov will also be a member of the steering committee.

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Previous experience relevant to the tasks


The team of DiSSPI involved in the project has a long record of international and national research on social inclusion and exclusion, welfare, local policies and education. It has been researching on quality management in higher education; rescaling of social welfare policies in Europe, Social and Health Services in the European Union. It has also been involved in the Thematic study on policy measures concerning disadvantaged youth (DG Employment), in the peer review of the Social Inclusion Process in Italy focussing on „Preventing the risk of exclusion of families with difficulties“ and the Thematic Network UrbEurope (FP 5). National research has focussed the territorial dimension of social policy: actors, processes and impacts; the transformation of Italian society; culture, rights and normative socialization of children; rights and normative expectations in multicultural societies; life course, families and reproduction between choice and; and on citizenship rights of minors between participation and control.

Team involved

Picture of Yuri Kazepov

Yuri Kazepov

Professor for Comparative welfare policy and Urban Sociology. Main research themes: social exclusion, comparative welfare and urban sociology.

Picture of Eduardo Barberis

Eduardo Barberis

Phd, Sciologist,Lecturer. His main field of interest is the integration of immigrants and ethnic minorities.


Claudius Gellert

Professor emeritus of Education; specialisation in comparative higher education


Tatiana Saruis

Phd student, sociologist. Themes: welfare and social services