Photo of Mirjana Ule

Mirjana Ule, Professor of social psychology, head of the Centre for Social Psychology, coordinator of the postgraduate study Sociology of everyday life.

Mirjana Ule is the head of the Centre for Social Psychology at the University of Ljubljana. Research profile: youth studies, studies of everyday life, life course studies, identity studies, intergenerational studies, studies of values and attitudes, prejudice and discrimination.

Selected Publications:

  • Ule, M. (2004). Changes in family life courses in Slovenia. V: Robila, M. (ed.). Families in Eastern Europe, (Contemporary perspectives in family research, vol. 5). Amsterdam [etc.]: Elsevier JAI, 87-101.
  • Ule, M., Rener, T. (2001). The deconstruction of youth. V: FURLONG, Andy (ur.), GUIDIKOVA, Irena (ur.). Transitions of youth citizenship in Europe : culture, subculture and identity. Strasbourg: Council of Europe, 271-288
  • Ule, M. (2002). Young people in the risk society. V: TIVADAR, Blanka (ur.), MRVAR, Polona (ur.). Flying over or falling through the cracks? : young people in the risk society. Ljubljana: Office for Youth RS, 11-18
  • Ule, M. (2007). Jóvenes desfavorecidos en Eslovenia. Rev. estud. juv., junio no. 77, 87-101
  • Ule, M., Šrobar, R. (2008). Status and social opportunities of the girl child : expert study. Ljubljana: University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences], 85
  • Ule, M., Kuhar, M. (2008). Orientations of young adults in Slovenia toward the family formation. Young, vol. 16, no. 2, 153-183.