Warsaw School of Economics

Institute of International Studies (coop. with Social Economy)

Picture of Piotr Błędowski

Piotr Błędowski, Ph.D.

Professor in Economics.

Research fields:

social policy, gerontology, social policy and social exclusion on the local level, unemployment

Picture of Izabela Buchowicz

Izabela Buchowicz, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor in Economics

Scientific and research interests:

socio-economic development in the local environments, local communities, living conditions of population, education in local policy and education trajectories in local communities

SGH’s contribution to GOETE

SGH will carry out the whole field work programme in Poland and will be responsible core partner in the individual and the institutional surveys (WP 4 and 5). Piotr Błędowski will be member of the steering committee.

Previous experience relevant to the tasks

SGH logoThe Institute took part in numerous international research programs. In 1992-94 it carried out an ACE/PHARE project “Self-employed and unemployed youth”, in 1994-95 an OVERSEAS DEVELOPEMENT AGENCY (ODA) project on “Unemployed Youth” and between 2004-05 it took part in the Thematic Study on Policy Measures for Disadvantaged Young People in Europe. Other projects include advisory work for Polish institutions, evaluation of EU research projects, membership in international scientific associations and committees of international organizations, editorial boards etc. Recent research has focussed on social situation of unemployed, reasons for unemployment in Poland, social policy towards elederly people and local social policy.

Team involved

Picture of Piotr Bledowski

Piotr Błędowski

Ph.D., Professor in Economics.

Picture of Izabela Buchowicz

Izabela Buchowicz

Ph.D.Assistant Professor in Economics

Picture of Joanna Felczak

Joanna Felczak

Ph.D., lecturer in pedagogy and social rehabilitation. Scientific and research interests: social rehabilitation, criminology, relations between the penal policy and the structure of the penitentiary system.

Picture of Karolina Majdzinska

Karolina Majdzinska

PhD candidate in Economics. Main research fields: social economy (especially social cooperatives), social exclusion and labour market, refugees, demographic dividend


Institute of Social Economy, Warsaw School of Economics


Picture of Grzegorz Berezowski

Grzegorz Berezowski

PhD candidate, Warsaw School of Economics, Chair of Electronic Media and Communications

Professional experience:

  • 2007-present: Strategy Director & Partner, 180heartbeats advertising agency
  • 2006-2007: Strategy & Innovations Director, MRM Worldwide advertising agency
  • 2004-2006: Account Manager, Zentropy Partners advertising agency

Published numerous articles in Polish business journals on online marketing strategies and online consumer behaviour. Speaker at business conferences in the subject of online advertising. Lecturer at the School of Brand Strategy (Advertising Agencies Association).