The School of Education at the Queens University of Belfast will be involved in the GOETE project through the Centre for Effective Education, an applied and interdisciplinary research centre committed to improving education outcomes for children and young people.

QUB’s contribution to GOETE

QUB will collaborate with the University of Bristol in the empirical field work for the UK. It will primarily produce the country report (WP 2) and undertake the individual survey (WP 4) for which it is also the lead partner. It will collaborate with the University of Bristol on the case studies (WP 6) as well as analysis (WP 8) and dissemination (WP 9).

Previous experience relevant to the tasks

The Centre specialises in the conduct of quantitative surveys with children and young people and is currently conducting 8 randomised control trials evaluating a range of educational services for children and young people including anti-bullying programmes and training programmes in pro-social behaviour. Further studies are concerned with discrimination against children and youth from ethnic minorities and programmes of managing diversity. A separate line of research is concerned with young people’s school-to-work transitions in relation to social disadvantage and various social context factors, especially the family. In this line of research, staff of the Centre dispose of considerable experience in comparative international and EU-funded research.

Team involved:

Bild von Andy Biggart

Andy Biggart, phd, deputy director of the Research Centre of Effective Education. Research interest: educational disadvantage; youth transitions; vocational training; early school leaving.


Queen's University Belfast, Centre for Effective Education