The Institute of Education at Eberhard-Karls-University Tübingen (EKUT) provides higher education and undertakes research in the area of Educational Science.

EKUT’s contribution to GOETE

The Institute of Education will carry out the whole field work programme for Germany and be work package leader in WPs 2, 3, 8 and 9.

Previous experience relevant to the tasks

Members of the EKUT team have been coordinating the EGRIS research network on youth transitions and several EU-funded research such as Misleading Trajectories (FP 4), Youth Policy and Participation (YOYO; FP 5); Young People and Transition Policies (FP 5); Youth – Actor of Social Change (UP2YOUTH, FP 6) as well as the Thematic Study on Policy Measures concerning Disadvantaged Youth, DG Employment). Ongoing national research concerns alcohol consumption among young people, atypical work among young adults, evaluation of language education and integration measures for migrant youth, transnational educational governance, comparative perspectives in social work, youth culture and health risk, school development, individualised teaching, professionalization in early childhood services and parental education. In 2008 Phd programmes on “Comparative Research on Educational Governance and the Welfare State” and “Permeability and Equal Opportunities in Education” have been implemented. The Research Centre Youth Service and School has carried out several studies on the cooperation between youth services and school in supporting disadvantaged pupils.

Team involved

Karin Amos

Karin Amos

Professor for Comparative Education, research and publications on comparative educational discourse and educational governance.

Thorsten Bohl

Thorsten Bohl

Professor of Educational Science / School Paedagogy at the University of Tübingen. His fields of research are: learning and instruction; open education; reform and development of school; teacher education.

Bild von Barbara Stauber

Barbara Stauber

Professor for Social Pedagogy,EGRIS coordinator together with Andreas Walther; focus on biographical transitions, youth culture, gender and diversity.

Bild von Rainer Treptow

Rainer Treptow

Professor for Social Pedagogy,has afocus on educational theory, professional competence, early childhood, out-of-school-education.


Eberhard Bolay

Senior Lecturer in Social Pedagogy, Director of the Research Centre Youth Service and School, has carried out various researches on support for disadvantaged youth.

Picture of Colin Cramer

Colin Cramer

Educational Researcher and secondary school teacher. Field of interest: Research on teaching and teacher education.


Felicitas Boron

Educational Researcher. Fields of interest: youth transitions, youth work and cooperation between school and youth welfare


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