EHESP’s contribution to GOETE

EHESP will carry out the French empirical field work together with the University Rennes 2, produce country reports (WP 2) provide data on teacher training (WP 3), for the institutional survey (WP 5) and for the high-level governance analysis (WP 7). The case studies (WP 6) will be divided between EHESP and Rennes 2. In the case studies and the dissemination (WP 9) EHESP will be responsible core partner. Patricia Loncle will also be member of the steering committee.

Previous experience relevant to the tasks

EHESP has been partner in several FP 5 and FP 6 research projects, especially in the areas of family, social care and youth research (especially SOCCARE, FP 5, and Youth actor of social change, UP2YOUTH, FP 6). Several national studies have dealt with local youth policies and the relation between youth services and other public agencies addressing young people, health services for young people as well as health prevention in schools. Studies address the relationship between policy levels, especially local, regional and national. Together with the Department of Sociology at the University of Cergy-Pontoise, EHESP is currently carrying out a study on the ways in which local youth policies address disadvantaged young people’s transitions to work.

Team involved

photo of Patricia Loncle

Patricia Loncle

Phd in Political Science. Main research interests: youth policies, youth participation, territorialisation of youth, social and health policies.


Virginie Muniglia

Phd student in Political Science. Main research interests: young adults, youth social work and youth social policies.


Valérie Becquet

Phd in Sociology. Fields of research: youth policies, youth participation, civic education.

photo of Laetitia Mellottee

Laetitia Mellottee

Marie-Clémence Le Pape

Marie-Clémence Le Pape

associate professor at the University Lumière



École des Hautes Études en Santé Publique