The GOETE research consortium has just released the sixth edition of the newsletter of the GOETE research project. Among other topics, it presents a report from the final conference and GOETE findings at a glance.

On March 21, the GOETE Consortium held an international conference titled ‘Youth and Educational Disadvantage’ in Frankfurt, Germany. During the meeting research results of the project were presented and discussed. At the centre of attention was the dialogue between research, practice and policy on the topic. One further topic of the newsletter is the presentation of some findings from the different thematic reports produced in GOETE. Also, in this issue of the newsletter some examples of the views and voices of youth involved in the project are presented, which offer a privileged entry point to the themes and issues of GOETE research.


  1. Report on the GOETE Final Conference, March 21st 2013
  2. GOETE findings at a glance
  3. Youth in GOETE: Views and Voices

You can download the entire GOETE Newsletter No. 6 as a PDF file from the download section of this website.