The GOETE “High-level Governance Analysis” Working Group meeting in Frankfurt am Main, April 2011

In April GOETE started a new sub-study that aims at analysing Educational governance with a view to understanding governing discourses, policies and practices and how they shape and regulate educational trajectories, especially at each transition point. This sub-study seeks to answer questions such as: What decisions are made and practices initiated by whom, at what levels, with what consequences? What are the roles of actors at national level (government, national school administration, professional organisations, employers’ associations, policy consultants) in relation to local actors (schools, local economy, policy makers, administrators, social and youth services)?

Picture of University of Frankfurt, GOETE CoordinationDelegates from all GOETE teams involved in the analysis on high-level governance analysis came together in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) to discuss the current development and issues regarding sampling and methodology of the sub-study. In the coming newsletters more information will follow.