Bild von Isabelle Danic

Isabelle Danic, Sociologist lecturer and researcher at University Rennes 2, France.

Contribution to a french-speaking sociology of childhood and adolescence, in particular by my activity in the Research Committee " Sociology of childhood " of the Association Internationale des Sociologues de langue française (AISLF = International Association of the Sociologists of French language) : research on children and on teenagers in the city (comm 2008), on the spatial dimension of socialization (Danic, David, Depeau 2010), on family socialization and on school socialization (Danic 2008), on children culture (Danic, 2010 b) and teenager culture (Danic 2006, 2007, 2009).
Current comparative works on childhood and socialization in France and in Burkina Faso (comm 2008). Participation to Association de Recherche sur l’Education et les Savoirs dans les pays du Sud (ARES = research association on education and knowledges in the countries of the South).
Reflection on tools and methods of survey with children and youth (Danic, Delalande, Rayou, 2006; Danic, 2006; Responsible for the thematic school "Image et sons dans l’étude des rapports à l’espace” ( images and sounds as tools for studying spatiality), CNRS, Roscoff, September 2009).

Main publications (since january 1st, 2006):

Communications in international colloquiums