The GOETE project has completed its first year. In this first year much effort has been put in the preparation of the comparative research. In this preparatory phase, eight country reports on institutional, socio-economic and cultural contexts of educational trajectories were produced. These reports are based on statistical data and extant educational research from the different national contexts. The findings served to prepare the empirical field work inasmuch as national specific differences came to the fore and could be accounted for in the design and instrument construction phase of the various work packages. The results of this research phase – a State of the Art Report on structures and problems of educational trajectories in Europe – will be made available soon via the GOETE website.

The first phase also included the production of a glossary with key concepts aimed at providing a shared conceptual framework for the GOETE project across national and disciplinary boundaries. The glossary can be accessed online (

Besides, the GOETE consortium has worked during this first year of the project in the design, construction, and implementation of research instruments for the empirical field work:

The field work is expected to be completed by end of 2011. During this period national and comparative briefing papers on the surveys with students, parents and school principals as well as on emerging issues on teacher training in Europe will document the work progress.