Cover GOETE bookDrawing on our work from three years of European research, the freshly published volume "Governance of Educational Trajectories in Europe - Pathways, Policy and Practice" presents the findings of our project in a unique and comprehensive way.

The book analyses educational trajectories of young people in eight European countries: Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia and the United Kingdom. Chapters explore interactions between structural and institutional contexts of educational trajectories, the individual meaning attached to education and the strategies adopted by young people to cope with its demands. The book also analyses the decision-making processes of individual students, placing them firmly within the social contexts of their families, local schools, national education systems and welfare states, as well as transnational policy contexts.

In considering educational disadvantage, the book is based on primary, cross-national research with systematic analysis of the different themes addressed. As every chapter is co-authored by two or three researchers, each based in a different country, the book goes beyond the usual country-based chapter design to provide an enriched insight into both comparative theory and research methods.

Bilbliographic info: Walther, Andreas; Parreira do Amaral, Marcelo; Cuconato, Morena; Dale, Roger (Eds.) (2016): Governance of Educational Trajectories in Europe: Pathways, Policy and Practice. London, New Delhi, New York, Sidney: Bloomsbury. ISBN: 978-1-4725-8952-1

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