Working Papers

Working Papers produced within the GOETE project

Marcelo Parreira do Amaral, Andreas Walther & John Litau (2013): Governance of educational Trajectories in Europe. Access, Coping and Relevance of Education for Young People in European Knowledge Societies in Comparative Perspective. Final Report of the GOETE project. Frankfurt a.M.

Marcelo Parreira do Amaral & Roger Dale (eds.) with contributions by Karin Amos, Valérie Becquet, Simon Jahnich, Yuri Kazepov, Patricia Loncle, Alessandro Martelli, Risto Rinne, Susan Robertson & Ulrich Theobald: Thematic Working Paper Governance of Educational Trajectories. University of Frankfurt

Hulya Kosar Altinyelken (co-editor), Mikko Aro, Felicitas Boron, Silvia Demozzi, Ilse Julkunen (co-editor), Laetitia Mellottee, Susan L. Robertson, Federica Taddia, Rainer Treptow: Coping and Support in Educational Transitions. University of Helsinki, University of Amsterdam.

Veronica Salovaara & Ilse Julkunen (2013): Documentation of Future Training (Training Manual). GOETE Deliverable No. 30. University of Helsinki.

Deliverable No. 16 of the GOETE project

John Litau, Joanne McDowell, Veronica Salovaara, Andreja Zivoder, Roger Dale, Alessandro Tolomelli & Colin Cramer: Education! (What Is It Good For?) – The Relevance of Education in Contemporary Knowledge Society. University of Frankfurt.

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